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Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus. CUBA

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CUBAHOSTALES is an Online Reservation Center specialized in the city of Trinidad . Our agency offers you the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of our city with exclusive offers on prices and facilities unmatched in the market. If you need any sort of information about the city and Cuba do not hesitate to contact us, it will always be a pleasure for us to help you enjoy your stay in Trinidad and throughout Cuba.

What to do in Trinidad of Cuba

It is important to know that Trinidad is the most complete destination in our country, because in a small area it concentrates different attractions, nature, beach and city together with its historical, pictorial, biological, environmental and socio- cultural values. Trinidad is the perfect destination in Cuba.

The first activity that should make any visitor to Trinidad is a tour through the streets and neighborhoods of the city, to discover and mark the places that awake greater interest on you. The best way to do this is in the hand of a professional tour guide, this way you can optimize time and you can get historical data and interesting and useful information. If you are going to visit the city during the day, remember to carry enough water to avoid dehydration by heat, some protection cream to avoid sunburn and fresh sportswear and shoes suitable for walking on cobblestone streets, some hills, climbing stairs, and jumping puddles. Do not forget to upload and have your camera ready.

Next activities depend on your priorities and interests, the order is not important but the experience of enjoying them.

If you prefer the city atmosphere there is always something interesting to do. You can sign up for dancing classes of any kind, folk, peasants or popular dances with excellent and experienced instructors. Then you can go directly to graduation between music and rum in the Palenque de los Congos Reales, Casa de la Trova, and the House of Music. Another option is to plan ahead classes to learn to how to use musical instruments or simply improve your technique or learn to play Cuban rhythms. Spanish lesson are at your disposal too. The city is great for taking pictures and sharing with all sort of people, shopping in the artisan market and the Potter is House (Santander Family), visit the various museums and arts galleries . If your interest is the culinary culture and alcohol, Trinidad is the city with the highest concentration of restaurants and bars in Cuba. Here you can participate in cultural activities that take place regularly; they are usually very attractive for locals and tourists of any nationality or age. These activities are: Rosillo Patio, Decade party, Lia Patio... At the end of the night when it seems like everything is going to end, they do not go to sleep and rest but people directed their steps to the Disco Ayala (11pm - 4:00 am), located inside a cave in the Tourist Complex "Las Cuevas".

If your preference is natural adventures there is a complex of National Parks in the ecotourism resort known as Topes de Collantes. El Cubano Park (Javira Jump, Mirador del Caribe, Pilón Natural pool), Codina Park, Guanayara Park(El Rocio waterfall, El Venado natural pool, La Barbera) and the Altiplano Topes de Collantes (Caburní and Vegas Grandes waterfall, Batata natural pools, Garden of Giants, Coffee House, Restaurant "Mi Retiro") are protective natural areas impressionable for their beauty and great biodiversity with multiple options to live a natural adventure in the West Indies. To access these places there are various ways. You can get to the closest natural parks walking if you are quite bold but it is easier to do it by bicycles or horseback riding. The majority of the parks are further away and you need to rent a Jeep or go with tours by truck. Visit any of the National Parks only takes one day of your plan in the city.

The Sugar Mills Valley together with the historic center of Trinidad was declared by the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. The Sugar Mills Valley is the area comprising the valleys of Santa Rosa and San Luis, their values are due to natural and archeological wealth of the 56 mills that gave old wealth to the city, many have been lost in the time but some of the farms survive as samples of the ancient glory of the sugar cane industry. One attraction is a guided excursions on horsebacks, taxis and by train to some of the houses of the aristocracy sugar estates in Trinidad in the nineteenth century. Some of this places are Manaca - Iznagas, San Isidro of Destiladeros, Guachinango, Guáimaro , Buena Vista, Las Bocas, Algaba.

Leaving the city limits can be a very significant not only for the majesty of the landscape, the freshness of the natural pools and historic monuments, but to have the opportunity to share with farmers or Cuban peasants, those who grow coffee, snuff, sugar cane, and all food consumed in the city.

Trinidad is a Caribbean city do not miss the beaches (Ancón, María Aguilar, La Boca) the best in the south of Cuba. In There are little villages like La Boca and Casilda where you can organize with fishermen of the area a day of adventure at seaside. A unique coral reef a few meters from the coast can be targeted to those who love to dive and for those who like to just navigate there also organized excursions to the nearby cays (Cayo Blanco and Cayo Macho). The beaches are far from the city between 4 km and 14 km, to reach them by road there are multiple variants.

If Trinidad is not the best option to know Cuba it is close enough. Do not wait another opportunity and without hesitation choose to spend part of your holidays in this city of Cuba. We assure you there will be no regrets.

How arriving and moving for Trinidad

To Travel to Trinidad is not difficult, since it is one of the major tourist destinations of this area. VIAZUL Transportation Agency has several routes serving this city, always find out about the routes, schedules and prices in VIAZUL stations. TRANSTUR Agency has another transportation service known as Conectando, meaning that it connects the main touristic destinations and hotel chains of the west part of Cuba. You just need to learn schedules, points of departure and make your reservation at least one day in advance. This reservation can be done in any Tourism agency for the same price everywhere. Another way to get here is by either a rented car or a taxi, the journey is always faster. There are a lot of state agencies and private drivers that provide taxi service. Generally they are very professional and safe, although it is always advisable to judge by eye the car technical condition that they have to avoid unnecessary accidents. It is also possible to get to Trinidad by helicopter from Varadero , this variant is marketed by agency "Gaviota S.A." which includes a guided tour of the city and the tour depending on bond you paid a brief stay in Topes de Collantes, a splendid natural park just 20 km from the city.

While in Trinidad you can move from one place to another walking, it is easy to cross the city and it is very useful for taking great pictures and meet locals (we recommend you bring comfortable shoes to walk on an uneven ground, fresh linen to stand the heat and sunshine lotion to avoid sunburn. Trinidad is not a glamorous city so go easy and you will feel better). You can also get around the city carry by carriages with horses (you can find them in the corner of Gloria street and Desengaño, near INFOTUR and CUBATUR Agency), the costs depend on the tour you do, the minimum value is about $ 6.00 CUC per person. Another interesting option to go around are the Bicitaxis but they can only ride on the paved streets. The cost depends on the time you spend with them and the tour you do but never more than 5.00cuc per person inside the city. To reach the Sugar Mills Valley you need more than your legs, the most daring rent some bikes for 3.00 CUC or 4.00 CUC or go on horseback riding for 15.00 CUC per person(private cowboys will offer you same tour for less money but they are not always legal or experienced on the job, just be careful where you buy the tour). Taxis are always available for these tours but taxis with great guide & driver only with CUBAHOSTALES or INFOTUR Agency. This tour with a guide will cost you 15.00 CUC per person, minimum 2 persons. It is more interesting having someone to explain the history of each place you visit. Entrance feed in some of the attractions at the Sugar Mills Valley are free or costs only 1.00 CUC.

Payment and Exchange Rate

There are two official currencies circulating in Cuba, the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) and the Cuban Peso (CUP). The first one is the currency used by most of the government businesses and private management that are focused on tourism, as well as the stores selling in CUC. The other currency is the one commonly used by Cuban citizens which is acquired as basic salary. This currency (CUP) is used to pay some utilities (water and electricity) and basic goods sell with the ration book among other things. The official exchange value is 1CUC ≡ 24 CUP.

On the streets in the establishments operating in CUC you can never pay its equivalent value in CUP, however informally in some government establishments or private business you can pay in CUC or in its equivalent in CUP. But there is a little detail, if you use coins to make the conversion they take the following values (0.5 CUC ≡ 1 CUP , 0.10 CUC ≡ 2 CUP , 0.25 CUC ≡ 5 CUP , 0.50 CUC ≡ 10 CUP , 1 CUC ≡ 23 CUP) and if you use bills the conversion remains 1 CUC ≡ 24 CUP. At least in Trinidad it works like that, in other less touristic cities you will be asked to pay in the currency the business operates. Just to be sure we advise you to ask always before do anything and do your math. In Trinidad it is very easy to exchange money because there are a lot of banks (BPA , BANDEC , BFI), CADECAS (another type of bank) and ATM, all of them close to the Civic Center(Cespedes Park today before Carrillo Square) and near of Trinidad Baseball Stadium. The only you need to find out are the work schedules of the banks and which types of card are authorized to operate in automated teller machines (ATM) which are available 24 hours a day except if there is any technical problems on the machines. Never change coins in the street outside official institutions and / or using intermediaries or unknown persons, this way you will avoid con and unpleasant moments. It is also recommended that you bring with you international currencies different from the U.S. dollar because the Cuban government, bounded by the United States blockade, conducts a extra change in that currency.

Tips for Backpackers and to Save Money

If you arrive in the city with a tight budget you can save it to achieve your aims. This can be done while there are two currencies circulating in Cuba, the CUC and the CUP (1 CUC ≡ 24 CUP). You can save money mainly on food and transportation using the local public transportation system, Cuban way.

Throughout the city, outside from the historical and touristic area, mainly close to the Civic Center (Céspedes or Carrillo square) there are state and private businesses like restaurants and cafeterias that sell food in Cuban Pesos (CUP), there the offert in a menu never exceed $3.00 CUC per person. In gas stations (SERVI - CUPET)there are cafeterias in CUC with low prices too.

Regarding the transportation from Trinidad (TRI) here we give some tips. In the same Bus Station, there are different departures by trucks to different destinations (if you are one of the first ones and you are lucky or agile you can reach a sit otherwise you will travel standing). Get informed directly on the information board in the bus station about any other destinations besides the ones we give you, see below:

Another much more adventurous option to travel is to Hitch Hike. In Cuba we called it "coger botella". In Trinidad like in the rest of the country there are official points called Amarrillos in all the exits of the city with an official in charge of stopping all the cars belonging to the government. You just go there, say the place you are going to and wait. The cost goes from $0 to $20.00 CUP, equivalent to 1.00 CUC, depending on the driver, the destination and the type of transport. Officials work from 6.00am to 6.00pm every day. There is no doubt this is an incomparable adventure and an excellent opportunity to exchange with Cubans.

Others Useful Informations


En Cuba hay definidas dos temporadas de turismo de acuerdo con la demanda de los servicios turísticos desde el extranjero y el comportamiento del turismo nacional. La denominada Alta Turística o Temporada Alta está comprendida a partir de la segunda quincena de noviembre hasta la primera semana de marzo y la Baja Turística o Temporada Baja se extiende desde la segunda semana de marzo hasta junio y desde septiembre hasta la primera quincena de noviembre. En julio y agosto hay una pequeña alza coincidiendo con la etapa vacacional de los cubanos.


In Cuba, touristic services or products rarely include tips. There is no minimum or maximum amount for tips; it will always be at your personal consideration. Some tour operators trying to make more sells say tips are included, with this they affect the guides and drives working for you because that is not always true. Please keep in mind our advice and save some extra cash to reward those that make your stay in Cuba different and more special.


If you arrive to Trinidad with a reservation, we mean, that you previously booked an accommodation, we advise you to be alert to avoid being cheated. At both main entrances of the city (for visitors arriving by rented car) and at the bus station (for those arriving by VIAZUL) there are people whose "job" is to manage to deflect you and take you to another house. We can assure you that they will create unbelievable stories to make you change your mind and believe in them and go to their places. If you are lost or it became difficult to find the address you may have, we recommend you try to reach INFOTUR Office which is very close to the Bus Station. The specialists that work there will provide you all the information you need and may even provide maps of the city, for free. But you can also contact the Customer Care Service of CUBAHOSTALES (ask any Cuban to lend you a mobile phone to make a call dial *99+53806726 and our specialists will provide all necessary assistance.

For visitors arriving by bus, usually VIAZUL Agency, when they reach Trinidad bus Station at its exit there will be a lot of people, package chargers, Bicitaxis (a bike for two passenger and a driver) and taxis that block its normal circulation, among them might be your host, if you previously agreed to have someone waiting for you there. If you have not agreed the pickup at the bus station, do not panic if in some paper you see your name written. Corrupt officials working in the bus stations, as well as hosts of previous houses where you have been get in contact with people in this city and they give them your name to confuse you. If you have a previous reservation they will simulate to be the owner of that place you look for or they will tell you they are relatives. They will do anything it takes to convince you. Please stay calm, try to get away from the crowd, stay away from people who constantly insist, organize your ideas and then take a decision without compromise. In these cases remember that you can always count on official offices like INFOTUR or contact the Customer Care Service of CUBAHOSTALES.


A last but not least, one little information: remember that charity sometimes does not help to solve economic and social problems of people but generates vices that can be more harmful than the actual needs someone may have. If you really want to help a person, family, health or educational institution, always remember this Chinese proverb: If you give a fish to a hungry person it will give him food for a day, if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.

Advantages for booking with CUBAHOSTALES

CUBAHOSTALES is the only Tourism Agency that negotiates, with tourist services suppliers, prices and special offers for our clients. This is mainly focused to reduce costs of the visitor is budget. CUBAHOSTALES is an open, flexible and transparent Agency, able to adapt itself to each client is demands. We provide all the information (for free) clients might need to help them enjoy more their stay in Cuba. Each client of CUBAHOSTALES has an informative guided visit of one hour around the city, exclusives discount vouchers to visit bars and restaurants in city and a free transfer from the city to Ancon beach for clients that booked for more than three nights. CUBAHOSTALES places at your disposal a series of touristic services and activities in all the different attractions of the city, the Sugar Mills Valley, the beach and the nearby Natural Parks. This is your opportunity to know the culture, the society and the magic and real history of this city. We working to make real our slogan, we try that you Enjoy More with Less.

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